The Story of Adobe Gila

Once upon a time…. A long time ago in the old Southwest there lived a Gila (Gee-La) Monster named Adobe Gila. This lizard was known to be the largest, laziest, meanest and only poisonous lizard in the United States. This lizard eventually took shelter in the Coolest Saloon in the town. Word traveled around the country and this saloon, Adobe’s as it came to be called, became very famous. Only the meanest, orneriest, coolest and most courageous men & women ventures into the place. And those who did became famous themselves… if they lived to tell about it! Legend has it that everyone who dared to venture into the joint had a screaming good time. So be brave, pick your poison, kick back & hang out HERE.. cause it’s a desert out there!




Adobe Gila's is the place to be if you are looking for a fun, energetic place to eat good food and enjoy tasty drinks. Find your location to see full menu.

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Call to reserve your table and receive a FREE fishbowl, chips & salsa, BOGO margaritas and $5 select appetizers.

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